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The implementation of a “Digital signage” project enables companies to use an approach that promotes their image and achieves a high level of differentiation for their brand.

Our keywords :

  • Interactive "by design"
  • Arranging a two-way information flow with your client
  • Reporting and impact KPIs
  • Determined focus on new media

Priority has been assigned to simple use of the “Designer” (Marketing/IT), and simple use for the “Client”, while enabling the design of attractive standard screens, which meet current visual and user-friendliness standards (e.g. Windows 8).


The FF4.5 Player display system uses the power of the Windows 8 “Modern UI” mode.

Accordingly, you can design and organise your screen as you wish based on basic blocks known as “Tiles”.
The “Toolbox” for the tool contains the following features in native mode: 12 kinds of different “Tiles”.

See below for a list of the “Tiles” available as standard in Version 4.5.


Picture "Tile"

Displays all image formats.

.pdf / .xps "Tile"

Displays all .pdf and .xps formats. Either in “Book” format, or in “Carousel” format.

RSS Feed "Tile" (News)

Displays unlimited RSS flows.

.ppt "Tile"

Displays “PowerPoint” documents.

Facebook "Tile"

Displays “Facebook” pages.

Twitter "Tile"

Displays “Twitter” feeds.

Youtube "Tile"

Displays “YouTube” channels (streaming).

Video & Video stream "Tile"

Displays all video (VLC compatible) formats.

Banner "Tile"

Displays information (text and images) in scroll mode.

CAM "Tile"

Displays camera video feeds.

HTML "Tile"

Displays all kinds of “HTML” files.
Comment: this “Tile” is habitually used to display information focused on services like “Météo France” or other services.

Question Form "Tile"

Displays interactive questionnaires.


This player displays the same kind of “Tile” as FF4.5 – PLAYER, although it enables interactive browsing of the content shown.

The interactivity may also be contactless gesture-based interactivity known as AIRxTouch™ (www.AIRxTouch.com), which is habitually used to make a window interactive from outside the branch, i.e. touch-based interactivity which is usually used for indoor information pillars.

Following a period of inactivity, the system automatically switches to a looped display mode offered by FF4.5 – PLAYER (dynamic player).

An advanced reporting system enables the exact use of FF4.5 – INTERACTIVE PLAYER to be determined.




The FF4.5 – BUNDLE DESIGNER tools offers the client complete independence where the display format and the management of the content to be broadcast are concerned.

An integrated graphics designer
designed for marketing

This module enables the client to organise their information, and therefore to design their own “Custom Content Templates” (Modern UI Design) for each Player or Group of Players, and then to manage their content in a completely independent manner.

A roll-out activated
by a simple “click”

Accordingly, you can create and manage the “Bundled Documents” to be broadcast for each Player or Group of Players. Each “Bundle” can be:

  • "Exported" (Export) to a Group of Players
  • "Planned" (Schedule)
  • "Audited" (Reporting)
  • "Created" (New)


All the Players or Groups of Players are synchronised in real time by FF4.5 – SITE SERVER.

Global architecture sample of the solution rolled out in "Corporate" mode.

"Hot Plugging"

The FF4 player authorises the "Hot Plugging" of new content.

Auto-Failure detection
& re-launch mechanism

The FF4 player has its own watcher, which enables it to identify a fault (“freeze”) and to stop and then re-launch the process automatically without any external intervention.
SLA : 99%.


Each video feed can be stopped for each "Player" from the "Site Server". Moreover, the solution supports standard remote control tools.

Content synchronisation
& Ports

The "Bundled Documents" are synchronised either using the FTP protocol, or via calling on the Web Services installed on "FF4-Site Server". The choice must be defined during the implementation stage.



The Media Player offered is an "Intel NUC" player

  • Processor Intel Core i5 / 8Mb
  • Memory Module 8Gb
  • SSD SATA III 120Gb
  • Wireless 802.11b/g/n
  • Microsoft Windows 8.1 Professional 64Bits
  • Dim : 112 x 112 x 35


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Presse et actualité

May 2017 – Econocom Group is now our PREMIUM RESELLER for the BeLux region!

Econocom Group is now our PREMIUM RESELLER for the BeLux region. Do not hesitate to contact them to start transforming window shopping now! For regions « France », « UK, « Switzerland », « Italy », « Germany » and « Luxembourg », our PREMIUM RESELLERS will be announced mid-June. For « North America » the announcement will take place in July.

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