Microsoft Case Study

To deepen its relationship with existing customers and demonstrate innovation to attract new customers, Banque Raiffeisen decided to equip its branches with touchscreen-based tables with Microsoft Perceptive Pixel technology. Advisors are using the solution, called the Interactive Advisory Desk, to better engage with the public. Customers benefit from interactive access to product information shown in a modern and dynamic way.

« The Interactive Advisory Desk provides a very concrete demonstration of our ability to innovate. It is transforming our customer relationships and changing how we are perceived in the market.”

Alain Punnel
Banque Raiffeisen
Head of Commercial Development and Coordination

Business Needs

One of the largest locally owned banks in Luxembourg, Banque Raiffeisen operates in a highly competitive market and is well known for its financial stability. The bank was not affected by the financial crisis and has a reputation for a responsible and careful business policy.

However, the bank’s image for prudence might have led some consumers to see it as too conservative and traditional to meet their needs, potentially limiting growth opportunities. Consequently, two years ago, Banque Raiffeisen began reimaging itself with a new, modern, and dynamic brand identity that built on its core values of security and reliability.

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La Banque Raiffeisen introduit un nouveau concept de conseil interactif pour ses clients

En collaboration avec Microsoft, la Banque Raiffeisen a développé un outil numérique unique en Europe, dévolu au conseil interactif de sa clientèle. Ce nouvel instrument intègre le client de manière active dans le processus de conseil et ouvre de nouvelles dimensions en matière de présentation. L’« interactive advisory desk » est déjà opérationnel dans 4 agences Raiffeisen, au siège à Leudelange, dans l’Allée Scheffer au Limpertsberg, au Boulevard Royal au centre-ville et dans la rue de l’Alzette à Esch/Alzette.

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