Banque Populaire Lorraine Champagne : 1st interactive bank !

Banque Populaire Lorraine Champagne aims at innovatively communicating with its customers, members and prospects.

 » […] Our objective is the integration of this animation in our communication politics and in particular in two main projects: the new headquarters, with the association of the Patronage Art, while developing the image of an innovative bank rooted in its region.
It thus appeared that this interactive digital solution without contact (AIRxTouch™) was an excellent way to share this experience in the heart of the city of Metz.

Considering the first screen on Place de Gaulle as permanent information vector of our art exhibition, the bus shelter, a transit and waiting place, is creating a key point particularly conducive to communication. It is this priviledged place that Banque Populaire Lorraine Champagne chose to communicate and let passers-by live a fun experience with a strong emotional impact on its brand.

Therefore the proposed technology allows Banque Populaire Lorraine Champagne, innovative bank, close to its customers, to continue to communicate in a fun and interactive way after normal opening hours of its branches. »

Isabelle Lenoble
(Director of Communications)

Starting from Wednesday, June 18th, until Wednesday, July 16th, you are kindly invited to interactively discover the new branch’s project, work in progress and completion.

Location : Bus Shelter Rue François de Curel, Metz (opposite the station, in front of the headquarters of CPCB Lorraine Champagne)

And until June 2015 in the « Loft » window opposite the station of Metz. (Place De Gaulle)

AIRxTouch™ worldwide unique contactless technology set up in collaboration with JCDecaux Innovate (bus shelter only)

Totally independent from constraints associated to infrared cameras used by current gesture recognition solutions, exclusively adapted to « indoor » requirements, this « outdoor » technology offers the possibility to the user to interact with his hand just like on a touch screen, but without touching the physical screen.
The hand does no longer simulate the mouse as in conventional gesture recognition solutions (infrared camera), but your hand is directly the pointer making the system accessible to any novice user.
The solution implemented in collaboration with JCDecaux Innovate, allows any user to navigate in a natural and intuitive way on the screen to access multi media content made available by Banque Populaire, then select the active zones containing additional information by approaching the hand to the 42″ screen incorporated in the shelter’s wall.

Additional information about the technologie under

« Digital Signage » is passing to the 2.0 era !!

Indeed we pass from a classic display (conventional display solutions), where the customer is a mere spectator, to a truly interactive approach where the client becomes an actor facing the information presented to him! He can select this content, consult it as long as he wishes and download it if appropriate.

In addition an advanced system of « logging & reporting » allows a detailed analysis of the user behavior with the system, providing an important marketing added value to the advertiser.

Immersive, emotionally affecting, without problems of hygiene because without contact, the proposed iNUI Studio technology is a major development that foreshadows the street furniture of tomorrow!

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