October 2020 – Kiosk Marketplace – INUI Studio introduces touchless kiosk

iNUI Studio SA has introduced its AIR TOUCH touchless kiosk in partnership with Samsung and Microsoft to replace public touchscreens from viruses, bacteria and germs, according to a press release.

The user’s hand does not move a cursor at a distance like camera-based technologies but interacts directly with objects on the screen. The finger is detected 14-centimeters (5.5 inches) from the screen so there is no risk to touch the screen by mistake as seen with solutions based on capacitive foils.

The technology works in light conditions, up to 120.000 lux, which is comparable to the direct summer sunlight.

The AIRxTOUCH kiosk driver is compatible with any Windows 10 app, and supports drag-and-drop and Zoom interactions. The kiosk is a standalone plug-and-play solution, requiring no calibration.

There are several certified apps available for specific industry verticals, including retail, restaurants, real estate agencies, travel agencies, airports, car dealerships and more.

Image courtesy of iNUI Studio SA.

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